Meet Our Instructors

Why Gun Tailors?

Trained and certified NRA and USCCA firearms instructors at 1770 are called GUN Tailors.

We feel that safety and proper training are the most important aspect of owning a firearm, and that experience should be tailored to the individual. 

As experienced instructors, we noticed a fundamental problem in the firearms industry for first time buyers and shooters. When the average consumer is in the market for a firearm or training, we found those experiences can end up intimidating and in rare cases unpleasant. With our knowledge and expertise, we take anyone new to firearms under our wing to create a comprehensive, personalized experience in a safe, educational enviornment. Since the beginning of March 2020, we've witnessed the firearms industry grow at a rapid pace. As a result, there are a lot of individuals who purchased firearms out of fear and uncertainty, creating many first time buyers. While YouTube videos about firearms are abundant, it's extremely over saturated and difficult to filter the good information from the "bro science". This type of education does not match safe, in person instruction, so let us guide you through the purchasing process, training and practical applications. We offer various classes including.Home DefenseConcealed Weapons PermitBasic PistolGun Cleaning and More


Anubis Heru

Born in Denver CO, Anubis Heru began doing martial arts at the age of fourteen. Many years later, Anubis bought his first firearm and did everything he advises his students not to do today.

Anubis has trained with former military personnel and continues to hone his skills by training with other experts in the industry.

He recently became a USCCA Training Counselor, which gives him the authority to vet and certify other aspiring instructors.

Anubis continues to train in a Filipino martial art called Tabamina Balintawak. This fighting art emphasizes four pillars: On Target, Random, Under Stress, In real time.

These same principles apply to not only combat but life in general.

As a professional student Anubis eagerly continues the path of the warrior through hard work, dedication, compassion and tenacity.