2nd Amendment Tuesday!

We have some new and exciting things that are happening at 1770 Armory. It has been eight months since we opened our doors. As we continue to grow our top priority is member engagement and satisfaction. Here are some of the things we are working on:

Did someone say Ammo?

We are building and developing our new retail space for our members to purchase ammo, gear, accessories and apparel. Stay tuned for an official grand opening inside our current location. What are some of the items you would like us to sell besides ammo? We would like to hear from you.

Member only events!

  • We are planning a members only range day at Shoot Indoors. We will cover you range fee and bring out all the goodies!
  • We are also planning an outdoor range day at a private range called Lead Valley. This event will be RSVP only. So be on the lookout for a sign up sheet and details.
  • Finally we are hosting an event at the Airsoft Coliseum to do some "Force on Force" training. 

Don't miss 2nd Amendment Tuesday!

We have a special guest Leslie Herod. June 8th from 5PM - 7PM.

Leaderboard Contest!

Who has the best skills? We will host a month long contest to see who has the best overall skills in our S.I.F.R. Prizes include a box of Ammo and an attuxgear.com gift certificate.

We appreciate you all being with us!