Ladies Night @ the Range

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Rally up your gal pals and join us every Thursday at 6PM MST for a thrilling Ladies Night at our luxurious gun range! From novice shooters to experienced markswomen, all skill levels are welcome to take part in this empowering, fun-filled experience for just $35 - range fee included! You'll have access to topnotch facilities and a wide variety of firearms to select from.

Plus, our expert instructor Anubis Heru will be on-site to offer help and instruction to guarantee your protection and shooting pleasure for the evening. Don't pass up your chance to hone your  skills, connect with other firearms aficionados, and have an absolute blast with 1770 Solutions!!!


  • Tops: Avoid wearing halter tops or any clothing with low necklines or loose sleeves that may interfere with the safe handling of firearms. Opt for comfortable shirts or blouses that cover your shoulders and have a higher neckline.
  • Bottoms: Choose pants or jeans that are not excessively loose or baggy. Avoid skirts, dresses, or shorts, as they may hinder your ability to move freely and maintain a stable shooting stance.
  • Footwear: Closed-toe shoes are essential for safety. Avoid wearing open-toe shoes, sandals, flip-flops, or high heels. Opt for comfortable athletic shoes or sneakers that provide stability and protection for your feet.
  • Jewelry: It's recommended to avoid wearing excessive jewelry or dangling accessories that could interfere with the handling of firearms. Keep accessories minimal to ensure a safe shooting experience.
We will provide eye protection, ear protection, targets, firearms and ammunition.

410 Raritan Way Denver CO 80204






Ladies Night @ the Range


I have taken many firearms courses in my life, this one by far has been the best.

D. Evans

I'm five feet tall and shy, I pretty much kept to myself out in public. This training helped me really understand situational awarnes and the color codes. Excellent class.

M. Heath

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